The ICANN65 (21st AGM) meeting, 2019, Marrakech, Morocco.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) hosted its 21st Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Marrakech, Morocco, in 2019. It was a pivotal gathering that saw the convergence of global stakeholders in the sphere of internet governance, and QServers was well represented by the MD/CEO Seun Kehinde. The ICANN65 meeting, held from June 24 to June 27, provided a fertile field for conversations, deliberations, and choices that continue to alter the digital landscape.

One of the most notable outcome from ICANN65 was the intensive focus on bolstering the security and stability of the Domain Name System (DNS). Cyber threats, domain hijacking, and malicious activities targeting the DNS ecosystem were brought under the spotlight. Stakeholders from various sectors worked together to develop solutions to address these concerns, emphasizing the significance of proactive steps to protect the internet infrastructure.

ICANN65 provided a platform for evaluating the status and implications of adding new Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) to the internet. The impact of these new domain extensions on the digital landscape, business branding, and user experience was evaluated by stakeholders. The meeting’s outcomes provided insights into how these new gTLDs are managed and their potential to diversify the online ecosystem.

Beyond the official discussions, ICANN65 provided a platform for networking and engagement among participants. Attendees shared insights, experiences, and perspectives, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the internet ecosystem. The global internet community left the meeting with a renewed sense of purpose and collaboration.